I’ve been fortunate to combine my passion and expertise in the hospitality and lifestyle industries with my interests in real estate development, automotive and travel. Every project we work on really comes down to the people, the product and the belief that both are rooted in a great story with a clear objective.


Celebrated for their excellence in public relations for nearly 20 years, Randall PR was founded in 2001 by Lori Randall who has a passion for building and communicating her clients' message, and an innate knack for the PR process. Her agency served as the PR firm for the Washington Restaurant Association's Consulting Network and is the recipient of multiple Communicator Awards.

A resident of the Seattle area for more than 30 years, Lori began her career in the PR business representing Washington restaurants and wineries–when there were only 80 wineries in the state (now there are over 800!). 

In 2005, Randall PR was lauded for being “…the wineries’ PR firm” by the Puget Sound Business Journal and the firm has represented many of Seattle's top restaurants during that time. Though her love for food and wine is ever-present, Lori’s PR knowledge and expertise expands beyond a culinary focus, and also includes real estate development, automotive and travel.

She believes excellent PR should reach far beyond the press release. By utilizing all appropriate marketing, digital and promotional opportunities, each message is publicized to gain significant traction and attention–the kind that truly makes a difference for a business.

She’s an expert at the PR process, from start to finish, and has a strong intuition for timing, which she considers vital for a successful campaign.

Lori’s ability to envision unique campaigns and build a comprehensive strategy blurs the lines of PR, marketing and promotion. This multifaceted approach, paired with her vast experience, make her the best at what she does and delivers tangible results to clients.