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Cocktails Hit the Web at New Television-Style Network

 Small Screen Network’s Video Entertainment Becomes Premier Source for Liquid Knowledge

SEATTLE, Wash.—(May 27, 2009)—Small Screen Network ( www.smallscreennetwork.com ) teaches Web surfers about the vines of Mendoza, the art of muddling mint and how to make the perfect old fashioned—and their doing it one TV-style episode at a time.

Launched in April 2007 by former classmates Colin Kimball and Brian Dressler—and re-designed and re-launched in February of this year—Small Screen Network is a web-exclusive startup that produces high quality entertainment celebrating cocktails and liquid culture.

“In a traditional broadcasting company there is always pressure to come up with the next big hit,” says Kimball. “That’s not what the Internet is about. It’s about finding information and building communities. People seek out their niche, their passion. We don’t broadcast. We nichecast.”

The network’s first series, “The Cocktail Spirit,” featuring affable host Robert Hess, co-founder of The Museum of the American Cocktail and author of The Essential Bartender’s Guide: How to Make Truly Great Cocktails, has garnered the largest following. While demonstrating step-by-step how to craft the most balanced, highest quality cocktails—such as the tequila old-fashioned or an array of Sazeracs—Hess educates viewers about the lore and history of libations.










Other shows presently being produced by the Website-cum–network include “Raising the Bar,” hosted by master mixologist Jamie Boudreau, and “The Liquid Muse” with Natalie Bovis-Nelsen. Viewers can further quench their thirst for knowledge by perusing blogs such as “Dowd on Drinks” and “The Beer Philosopher.” Small Screen Network plans to host five exclusive shows by the end of 2009.


        Natalie Bovis-Nelsen Visits Old New Orleans Rum                   Jamie Boudreau Flames an Orange Zest

Small Screen Network’s videos are streamed and downloaded in excess of 20,000 times per month globally by dedicated mixologists, bartenders, brand managers and amateur cocktail connoisseurs. However, as enthusiasm for—and availability of—authentic, inventive beverages continues to grow, so will the audience.

Says Kimball, “Although Small Screen Network is now focused on the cocktail, wine and beer markets, we’re absolutely committed to producing the highest quality entertainment no matter what the subject.  I would like to see the company grow into other markets, including food, travel, sports and technology while staying true to our mission: nichecasting great video.” 


Small Screen Network is a media company focused on producing and nichecasting high quality, high impact entertainment exclusively for the Web.  Combining superior video with informative blogs focused on cocktails and liquid culture, Small Screen Network targets a niche audience that prefers quality over quantity.  Small Screen Network is a one-stop destination for engaging, entertaining and information content that brings great brands together with great audiences.  www.smallscreennetwork.com

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Media Contact: Andrea Courtney

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